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Turning $4k into $99,360.00 With Facebook Leads

We used Facebook Lead From Ads to generate a brand new gym 46 leads valued at $2160.00 each, generating the business $99,000.00+ in gross potential earnings from this campaign alone.


The Problem:

Sydfit Platinum was about to open their doors to a luxury, VIP training studio with premium membership rates - in Elmira, ON.

Before they opened, they needed their sales team to have the pipeline filled with leads, to then book showings and close new members.

We had to start from ground zero - which posed a challenge. No brand recognition, no local raving fans, and no testimonials. Yet.

The Solution:

First we needed to understand the average LV (Lifetime Value) of each customer.

To do this, we used the following equation:

1 month membership = $120 x 18 months (average membership length) = $2160.00 each.

We created 5 paid Facebook Ad lead forms to capture full names, emails and phone numbers from potential members. Having 3 contact forms helped increase the lead quality, opposed to just a name/email form. The budget for these ads was just $100.00/week.

This Facebook ad leveraged catchy HD photography and curated copy that drove high quality leads to our clients inbox.

In the copy, we made it clear that this studio is "not for everybody."

We want to attract high earners, who put their goals first, and for those who prioritize being surrounded by like minded, driven and successful people.

This helped reduce "tire kickers" and increase lead quality as well.

We also targeted those who are 30+, interested in finance, entrepreneurship, health/fitness, and those in a 20 mile radius.

The Result:

We secured 46 high quality leads with just $1100.00 in Facebook ad spend equaling $99,360.00 in gross potential earnings.

After marketing costs, our client was looking at a $93,000+ return based on closing the leads. (Without any further up-selling!)

Our clients sales team will then proceed to book in and close the leads.


Following this case study/campaign is a larger campaign with creative video for the same client.

The new target is attracting 2x the leads, and reduce the lead cost by a minimum of 25% by using video, and adjusted targeting.


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