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Creating Community Awareness - Shop Local Campaign

We created a compelling video/still campaign that included multiple Local Businesses, for a Shop Local Dollar program that skyrocketed engagement, reach, and followers.


The Problem: The Shop Local Dollar campaign was misunderstood, and people thought that the program operated in a very different way.

The NP Chamber was wanting to increase reach and brand awareness, while enticing locals to choose local this holiday season.

The Solution: We created a social media video with a creative storyline, that brought attention to the Shop Local Dollar Campaign.

We strategically chose businesses that covered a diverse selection of products and services, as well as companies that would accompany our storyline and character.

This one video will also be turned into multiple pieces of micro-content, to maximize the ROI, value, and budget.

Lastly, we created organic still content (graphics, testimonials, and business features) to support our campaign.

The Results: Since the launch of the campaign (>60 days) their page reach on Facebook alone has seen a 23.1% increase in traffic, a 34.2% increase in Page Visits, and a 30.4% increase in page likes.

The pages engagement has skyrocketed, and organic content has reached more than 20,000 people.

The main video alone has received over 10,000 views, 200 total comments, and over 50 direct to feed - shares.

This campaign continues to grow its reach and engagement every day.


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