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Case Study: Generating An Auto Mechanic 1 Million+ Views

We used educational video content and paid ads to create a long term brand and fan base, to help grow this mechanic shop.


The Problem: This client wanted to create a stronger brand, and attract ideal customers to purchase their services. We built this starting from an almost blank slate, and continuously upload this content today. (3+ years)

The Solution: We created a strategy that would educate prospects on their vehicle and the correct way to diagnose/fix it.

We started a web series that would involve the owner Dustin, diving deep into the technical side of the automotive world.

This content is in places such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

We also used Facebook ads to help boost the content to a larger audience at a rapid rate.

One of the videos in particular received the following on Facebook alone

The Result: This video paired with the clients knowledge, helped them win "Canadian Tech Of The Year" award in 2018. It also boosted their social analytics, reach, overall engagement and followers.

The series (as of now) has generated over 1 million video views online.

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