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Case Study: Driving Gym Memberships With Strategic Video

We generated a small town gym quality messaging conversions, page visits, reviews and other engagements using creative video and ads.


The Problem: 3 months before the pandemic began, this gym wanted to boost the number of members. The problem was that they already had the most members of any gym in the area, and they also have tried a similar approach with little luck.

(Sometimes small tweaks is all your approach needs)

The Solution: We created a 30 second long gym tour video, with the owner and trainers adding a fun explanation of the facility throughout the video.

We strategically chose certain aspects of the gym, and marketed the video to these audiences using Facebook Ads.

(Example: We showed the heavier weights and raw equipment section, and targeted those interested in bodybuilding. We also highlighted Spin Bikes, and target athletes and bikers)

Lastly, we paired the ads and creative video with a monthly membership offer that including the full works like classes and other perks.

The Results:

In a town of 10,000+ people and an ad spend budget of just $175.71, we generated 25 messaging conversions, quality engagement in the comment section (such as reviews), and 380 page visits in just 7 days.


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