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Working At Home

By: Mikaela Gibson

The adaptation of working from home can be a challenge without the right environment. Today we will be sharing with you our top five tips for keeping your productivity level high while working from home!

For the first time in a long time, life has hit the 'pause' button.

Some businesses have been forced to temporarily close their doors. Events that people have been planning well in advance, and sports of all levels have been prematurely canceled for the season. Not to mention the travel plans and flights that are now unheard of. Life is temporarily the slowest it has ever been and we are all left to isolate in our own homes while this situation unfolds. Some of our lines of work have been deemed essential enough that people are still required to report to their physical workplaces, (shoutout to our health care workers working day and night to keep us safe), while many of us face our own type of challenges of making the transition to working completely from home.

Now, working at home can have its advantages and disadvantages. Some people will love their new at-home workspace and thrive in it, while others will find the task of remaining productive in a home environment to be more of a challenge! People will adjust and adapt differently which brings us to our first tip:

Tip One: Find a Suitable Workplace

Staying in your bed and working on your laptop can be comfy, but it may not be the best option for putting in a productive workday. Finding yourself a table or a desk that is distraction and clutter-free is a great environment to set yourself up for working in.

To utilize this workspace potential be sure to:

  • Clear the space of any unnecessary items including unused notepads and pens

  • Keep food and drink - excluding water away from your workspace unless necessary

A clutter-free workspace without the extra pens to fiddle with can help you to better centre your complete focus and attention on the task at hand. If you have a job where you are not working on a laptop but rather on paper or with material, be sure to apply the same tip and set all unnecessary items out of sight and out of mind.

Tip Two: Dress For Success

Your mindset is determined by every environment you’re put in, - that includes yourself. Be sure before you decide to sit down and crush out some work, to get dressed, shave, or put a little makeup on. This sense of routine or just getting ready in general for a workday is going to put you in the mindset to keep accomplishing your goals.

Now, you don’t have to wear anything too fancy, but wearing your typical everyday work attire (or a slightly dressed-down version) will do wonders for your at homework experience! And although sitting in your pj’s or wearing your bathrobe is very tempting, choosing to do so is going to alter your mindset to keep indulging in that comfort, further unmotivating you to do your work!

Get up, get dressed, and get at it!

Tip Three: Take Breaks Away From Your Workspace

When you are in your workspace, you are in work mode and the more your brain adapts and recognizes that space as a work spot, the more successful you are going to be when it comes to focusing yourself.

For this reason, it is important to designate a specific work area. As equally as important as that is to know when to step away from your work area and utilize taking breaks to keep your productivity levels from suffering!

Another great strategy you can try is the Pomodoro Technique or something similar, where you work in intervals of usually 25 minutes then once the timer goes off you set another timer for 5 minutes to take an intentional quick break away from your work.

Breaking your workday up like this allows you to better get into that state of flow as it puts you into the mindset of work-reward to continuously crush the current task at hand!

For your 5-minute break session, try stepping out for some of that fresh Spring air, make a healthy mind boosting snack, or dive into a few pages of your current book you're reading!

Tip Four: Keep Your Cell Phone Away!

Now, this is one of the hardest yet best tips out there!

Your cell phone is a distraction, and especially if it's constantly buzzing while you’re doing your daily work. While working put the phone in a drawer, away from your workspace and res easy knowing, you can easily access emails and any other vital communication tools you would typically need to stay in contact with your clients or employer using your work computer.

Place your phone away from your workspace and on silent. Out of sight, out of mind!

Now, of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule as you may need your phone to make a call or check on your current reminders, so placing your phone face down on your desk is another great option if calling is needed for your work.

Tip Five: Treat yourself!

Finding something to look forward to at the end of your day or during your workday is going to keep you motivated! Maybe give yourself a five to fifteen-minute phone break while you are in a spot away from your workspace - (a couch, sofa, or comfy chair!)

Consider making yourself a nice dinner at the end of the day, or choose to support local and order from a wide variety of restaurants that are still offering takeout services!

Remember to stay safe, wash your hands, and utilize this time period to your advantage, as this is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime experience!