• Off The Lens Media


By: Mikaela Gibson

If you haven’t yet heard of #TheLemonProject, let us inform you of this exciting opportunity for young lemonpreneur’s! In today’s blog we’re going to be covering all the details, including what #TheLemonProject is, how you can get involved and how we’re going to push boundaries, do something new that hasn’t been done before, all while benefiting and taking the time to thank our wonderful community!

#TheLemonProject is all about introducing and inspiring young children from ages 8-12 about the wide world of entrepreneurship and marketing! During the summer of 2019, Off The Lens Media is looking to intern a young lemonpreneur who is interested in the business world and most importantly lemonade!

This one lucky winner will get to host their own custom lemonade stand with the help of Off The Lens Media, complete with fully funded social media marketing, banners, clothing, social media platforms, and more! With all proceeds of the Lemonade stand going to a local charity in the North Perth area! The purpose of the project is to provide a fun learning experience for kids who are interested in the business world, and empower/introduce young kids into entrepreneurship!

We’re currently looking for one lucky lemonpreneur between the ages of 8-12, who is motivated and ready to make some serious strides in the business world! From planning, learning a few tips and tricks of social media marketing, to hosting the lemonade stand, our lucky intern will get to help through the entire planning process!

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will be great down the road for kids as it may encourage them or spark their interest to potentially become an entrepreneur in the future. All opportunities are good opportunities and this is one you’re not going to want to miss out on!

Applications launch May 1st, and we encourage any potential lemonpreneur who is interested to apply! Application forms and details can be found on our website under the “Lemon Project” tab along the top bar of the page! All email applications must be emailed to, and MUST include: Full name of the contestant and legal guardian, town of residence, phone number of the legal guardian, allergies and any concerning medical conditions.

Rules and requirements: You must be between the ages of 8-12, create a 1 minute video as to why you think you should be the next lemonpreneur, along with a one paragraph telling us about yourself! What your interests are, hobbies, talents, etc! Along with any ideas you have for #TheLemonProject, and what you hope to learn or achieve during your internship!

#TheLemonProject will take place in the summertime, with the dates being determined during the planning process with the help of our Lemonpreneur! Applications will be open on May 1 at, and will be closing on June 15th!