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Planning Ahead, Summer Work Habits

By: Mikaela Gibson

It is very important be organized, as it will allow you to easily stay on top of your work, so you don’t fall behind.

With warm weather upon us, our first instinct is to relax, have fun, and really soak in the short summer season and savour it while it lasts! But there're many obstacles and tasks that should be completed while the cooler weather is still upon us.

Regardless of your occupation, staying on top of your work and projects by planning ahead is the start to having a successful summer season, full of relaxation and fun, as opposed to stress and catch-up work. If you work on your own time or create your schedule, it is important to keep track of tasks and projects you need to finish before hitting the beach!

Investing in a journal or planner is an effective affordable way to keep yourself organized. Using the ‘reminder’ app on your phone is also a great way to keep yourself posted and reminded throughout the day! Not your forte? ‘Google Keep’ is a great app to check out! Available on Ios and Android, ‘Google Keep’ allows you to create various digital checklists that make tracking uncompleted and completed tasks simple and stress-free!

While the warm weather may be tempting, it is important to stay organized! Do a bit of pre-summer cleaning while you still have the time! The prep work you do now will benefit you in the future. Get those emails sent, and try to get as much work or planning finished, really take advantage of these last few chilly weeks by wrapping up and making these preparations while it is still beneficial to do so.

Declutter your workspace! You don’t need all seven staplers, Karen! Find out what office supplies you actually need, find out what pens are no longer serving you, and get rid of all your excess papers and documents! Working in a space where you do not feel trapped by clutter will relieve your stress! The same applies to any desktop, computer, or laptop.

Spend a day organizing your digital documents. Go into the deep abyss of your email box, go through the downloads on your computer, create folders, and give your digital workspace the same amount of attention as your physical workspace! By getting rid of all the digital junk lurking around at the back of your hard drive, your computer or laptop may even run faster!

It’s easy to procrastinate and put projects on the back burner but think about the consequences or how your time can be spent later on if you get what you need to do now. If you have trouble concentrating, consider what is enabling you from finishing your work, (get to the root of the problem!) Is the room too cold? Is the window too bright? Make appropriate adjustments and get comfortable in your work area. Turn off the show, get rid of the distractions, (that includes your phone!) and get it done! Finding a balance between work and play is a very beneficial discipline to ingrain into your mindset.

Our tip for maximum work production? Consider--- (If possible) removing the arms from your office chairs! A weird tip, but effective! As the temptation to lay back or lean on the sides of the chair is gone, you will find yourself sitting up straight, typing away. This works especially well if you work at a desktop!

Remember, summertime is a time of relaxation and fun, so always be sure to put away time for those who matter, whether that be your family or friends! Be sure to enjoy it while it lasts and make some memories this summer, while of course staying on top of your work game! Don’t push yourself too hard, stay safe, and most importantly, don’t forget to wear sunscreen!