• Off The Lens Media

Our Decentralizing Phase

Written By: Jill Schalk

Decentralizing often leads to higher costs in the business, or more work behind the scenes. What it does add, is more building blocks for personable B2B relationships and better service. This is our decentralizing phase.

Off The Lens Media started as a one-man show. Brayden wore all of the hats! But as his business base grew, so did his need for assistance. Starting with a photographer, and slowly building up the team of 5 that we have now, creating the ability to handle work more efficiently. Our team was carefully selected to extend our caliber of expertise. Often times Brayden will tell us “Ahh I wish I could duplicate you.” Not only is this a positive reinforcement, but realistically it’s a dream.

One day we would love to have one central area that houses our management, but have many different remote locations across Ontario, or ever North America, that are independently working within that community. Primarily all of our clients right now are central to Listowel/North Perth. We are able to have excellent “B2B” relationships with our clients because we are so centralized. Being able to actually go meet our clients in person has so many benefits. Being within arms reach fosters the personable relations that we pride ourselves on.

During the industrialization era, many businesses saw the birth of the “corporate office”. All of the management, directors, presidents, VP’s, etc., were housed in one location. By centralizing their team, it reduced the space needed for a team or teams and actually eliminated a lot of middleman jobs. Today, we see this everywhere. How often have you had a question, concern, or complaint about a business, and ask to speak to higher management and you’re given a phone number, or email address to someone who's located somewhere far off and not remotely close to where you are located? Pretty much anytime you go into any chain store, restaurant, etc.

For Off The Lens, we want to take these teams much like what our team looks like right now, and place them all around, having them work independently with the clients in that immediate area. Our “corporate office” will deal with clients in the immediate area but will also house the “Management” that will be a guiding voice, and the go-to “guys” for any questions, tips, words of advice. By having teams that work exclusively with the surrounding businesses, those personable B2B relationships would be present and allow us to “decentralize” our business.

We are decentralizing by centralizing.

With all of this being said, we are SO excited to announce that we are opening a second location. We have been lucky enough to find a secondary space that will help us to grow our business, expand and take the first step to living our dream. With a new space comes so many new opportunities. We are so excited to build our client basis in another amazing city, and help so many amazing businesses. We also have some amazing plans for our podcast, outreach and so much more!

We want to thank everyone who has jumped on board to follow us on this journey.

Without the continued support, we would not be anywhere close to where we are right now. Stay tuned for more exciting to things to come!