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Keeping It Fresh: Tips For Better Engagement

Updated: May 14, 2019

Written By: Mikaela Gibson

Social media is one of the most effective ways to get your brand out there! And whether you’re a business owner or an influencer, engaging with your audience is essential to growing your social media presence! The following are a few tips and tricks to increase engagement with your audience.

1. Visual Content

When posting to social media, your brand has a wide variety of choices to increase social media engagement through visual content. Images of people using and enjoying your products is always a win. Showcasing images of new items that may have been recently added or are popular to your brand when you need a social media “boost” can help you reach potential customers!

Unfortunately, collecting content can get put on the back burner. You may forget to photograph an event, or simply do not have time. Luckily in this day and age, there are always options! Stock photos are a great resource when in a squeeze for creating content for your brand. Programs such as Canva are a great resource for content creation and have thousands of stock photos available for use.

2. Stay Connected

Stay connected with your audience. By asking your audience questions like “What are your plans this weekend?” or “What do you think of _____?”, you will be more likely to get replies from your audience, which will boost overall engagement! Questions are a great way to easily increase engagement and can always be altered to relate to the post.

3. Setting the mood

Prompt the reactions you want with the use of emojis! Sometimes captions or visual content may not be clear to the audience, as setting the ‘mood’ of the post may be difficult sometimes as you may not be able to fit the message in a 1-3 sentence caption. This is where adding emojis is a helpful tool as a way to set the mood of the post/caption. This is a great way to keep captions short without sacrificing the engagement you want.

4. Personalization

Be human! Personalizing your posts by giving your audience a face to associate the page with can make a huge difference. Make videos of you and the ‘work gang’ talking about your business and always ask your audience questions that will encourage them to want to engage with you. Guiding your audience by giving previews of what's coming up in your business and giving sneak peeks are great ways to keep your audience tied to your content and excited about keeping up with your brand.

Posting about your appreciation for your employees and work chums will always get more attention! People will always be more likely to relate to other people and putting in a few good words for your work team never hurts and will always look good not just to the audience, but the rest of your team as well! Kind words go a long way!

5. Spice up your feed!

Lastly, keep it fresh! Change up your content every once in a while and keep things interesting! Dry content with long captions won’t get much hype. Visually appealing posts with quick quirky/funny captions occasionally backed up with an engaging question will be more likely to attract an audience. When possible, always try to post a picture of something out of the ordinary that happened at the business, introduce new employees, and make holiday posts during the holiday seasons!

By staying connected, prompting your audience and overall keeping you and your brand's followers motivated, you’re bound to succeed in the online world! Remember to think outside the box, add personality to your posts, and always look for ways to further improve your work, both online and physically. Start implementing these strategies today to begin to see greater engagement with your brand right away!