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How To Provide Value Through Content

Every last Wednesday of the month the Staysh in Goderich is where like-minded business owners and future business owners meet up for the ‘Digital Marketing Mastermind’ event.

The hour-long event is broken down into 3 parts:

- Keynote and presentation from the weeks speaker(s)

- Brainstorming and reflection on the key takeaways from the presentation

- Networking and social time

This event is just 4 sessions old and already there has been a great turn out of local (and not so local) business-minded people.

On October 9th, the Off The Lens team had the pleasure of standing up for a presentation of our own, explaining some of the strategies that we utilize on a daily basis when it comes to the digital marketing practices of our business.

If you missed our presentation, we’re sorry to hear that! However take a look at the blog below for a summarized recap of our presentation.

Why is Content Important?

Your content is the language of your business. It is used to sell yourself and your brand. The ultimate goal of posting content is to build trust and relationships by providing value and then engaging with your customers, which in turn helps to grow your brand.

Gain Attention, Keep Attention, Give Attention.

When you’re creating your content to post on your social media profile you have 3 main objectives:

Gain attention. In order to gain attention you have to get into the mind of your ideal target audience and cater "specifically to them content" that will be eye-catching and gives them a reason to check it out. Know your niche and know it well.

Keep attention. Once you have started to build up your following and have a good feel for what makes your audience tick, you must keep their attention by analyzing your posts and recreating the highest performing ones in terms of engagement.

Give attention. Finally, you must focus on giving genuine attention back to your new following. Engage in meaningful conversations with followers that like, comment and share your content and don’t be afraid to like some of their content and leave comments on their page as well. Giving this attention back, circles back well with keeping the attention.

Content Creation and Distribution

There is a formula that we follow from Andy Frisella of the MFCEO Project when creating and posting content for our clients and for our brand.

Entertain, Educate, Impact = Engagement

We advise tailoring your posts to hit at least one of the 3 criteria from the equation to maximize engagement amongst your audience.

How Off The Lens utilizes this strategy is:

We entertain by showing people what we do on a day to day basis and show behind the scenes to connect with our audience and show that just because we’re running a business doesn’t mean we’re not humans that love to have fun and entertain ourselves while we’re working and we like to show that and we get a lot of engagement from our audience that way.

We educate by providing our followers with real strategies that we utilize at our company that we have seen results with. Some people look at that as giving away your insider secrets but we want to be transparent and honest about how we do things so that people can try them for themselves see that they work and then can have confidence in trusting our business.

Impact, there are a number of different ways to try to have an impact. Whether it be in the form of a personal story or sharing how you have lent a hand to people or your community which shows them your involvement and how you’re using your resources as a business owner to benefit & impact the people around you.

Value is Vital

Value - What is classified as something that creates value?

Value can come in many different forms and varies for each business and for each audience. It is vital that you produce value in every single post. This comes in many forms and can be easily achieved by sticking to the above formula (Entertain, Educate, Impact = Engagement).

Value may look like:

- Tips and tricks

- Responding to a follower and making an impact

- Offering your content in both audio and visual ways, etc.

- Free advice, etc.

At Off The Lens, we provide value through podcasts, blogs, tips on our social media among many other ways. For your own content, let your creativity flow and get out as many awesome ideas out there as you can while referencing back to the formula to ensure your content has the best chance at engaging with your intended audience.

3 Step Testing Phase

Now that you have the basis of what content you will be posting to your channel it’s time to figure out which content works best both for you and your audience.

This is where you implement the 3 step testing phase.

Create - You know how to follow the formula to see the most engagement and you know you have to provide value, now put those strategies into motion and create yourself a ton of content using a content calendar. Then find a great online post scheduling tool (we use Hootsuite) to schedule yourself a couple weeks worth of posts.

Test - Once you have posted content for 2 weeks you want to go to your business analytics on your social media profile pages and see which types of content you posted that garnered the most engagement in terms of likes, follows, shares and even which posts went up that gained you more followers.

Repeat - Reevaluate your posting schedule from the previous 2 weeks and continue to create more content with value. Remake and repost the type of content that you saw the most engagement from as this is a sure fire way to ensure you’re posting out content that resides best with you intended audience.

Pillar & Micro Content

One of our new favourite ways to easily create content that you can load into your content calendar for weeks is utilizing the pillar and micro-content strategy. (Credit due to Gary Vaynerchuk)

The pillar content is the long-form type of content that you can create. This can be in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. You can place this content on your social media pages as well as having a permanent home for them (YouTube for videos, Podbean for podcasts, etc.) and from that content you can pick out some golden nuggets and key takeaways to make your micro-content for your pages in the forms posts made of best quotes, tips and tricks, etc.

This is an unbelievable strategy because it’s ultimately two birds with one stone as you make your pillar content and then extract key pieces to use as some filler posts to maintain posting consistency for your business or brand.

Wrapping it All Up

When you’re not exactly sure where or how to start maintaining posting consistency for your business’s social media page start utilizing the above strategies today. Remember that value is key to engagement and ultimately grow your brand through the power of digital marketing.

For more information on any of these strategies check out our social media profiles as well as our website and please contact us or slide into our Instagram DMs, facebook direct messages or call us today at: 519-635-7715.

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