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Facebook Ads: Reaching Your Dream Customers

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Written By: Brayden Gingrich

Reaching your dream customers on Facebook is extremely simple. It doesn't consist of regular Facebook posts either.

Let's face it... Your business's posts on Facebook used to get a lot more engagement than they do now. The one post a week you used to make isn't helping you grow noticeably either. So in order to hopefully gain more value out of the platform, you start posting consistently. You see growth, but not what you were originally hoping for.

Facebook and Instagram, just like every other platform (like Google Ad Words), squeeze every penny possible out of businesses and online figures. (More on this in an upcoming blog) Although it's still one of the best ways to voice your brand, it can be tricky. With the changes to Facebook's algorithm, reach is severely limited. The answer? Facebook ads.

Using Facebook ads is a definite way to drive traffic and sales. For a first time user, the experience can be discouraging once you see little increase in engagement. Trial and error plays a huge role here, but is a worthwhile investment.

Currently, you can reach thousands of potential customers and clients through Facebook ads for just a few dollars. You can target them based on their interests, hobbies, career, location, age and more. This finds you customers that actually fit your demographic.

These are real analytics from a Facebook ad we ran recently for a small business. The ad consisted of an informational video regarding a mechanical problem with a truck.

Our primary target demographic was Men ages 18-55 in Ontario, with interests in automotive repair, trucks, etc.

This ad was ran 3 times, for 7-15 days each on Facebook only. A total of $180.00 was invested in the promotion. It's safe to say it paid off when their page was getting flooded with messages and inquires.

Facebook ads are for everyone, regardless of your demographic or business type. Aunt Julie that is 65, spends more time on Facebook uploading Florida pictures now days, than she did 3 years ago. Uncle Richard also spends an hour a day browsing Facebook and keeping up to date with his buddies' golf scores.

Pro Tip: When making your ad, keep it simple. A bright attractive ad is sure to catch the eye of scrollers in the newsfeed. Don't be afraid to follow trends and add the odd emoji as they play a big part online.

Thank you for reading our very first blog post. We really hope this brought value to you, and opened your eyes to the pinnacle of advertising in the 21st century. If you have questions or need help in the ad creation process, get in contact with us!

We would love to help.