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Content Creation

Written by: Mikaela Gibson

You've made a social media platform for your business! Whether it's a Facebook or Instagram account, eventually you will need to provide content to gain the results you want, but where do you even start? How do you know what to post and when to post it?

These are all common questions that business owners like yourselves may be struggling with. When posting to social media, it's best to start by brainstorming, gather your work force and start a conversation. What makes your business your business? What do you specialize in? Why should potential customers choose your business over your competitors?

Taking the time to talk with your work force and brainstorm ideas is the first step in creating personalized content that will make your business stand out from your competitors.

Visual Consistency

Keeping it consistent, a key factor to creating eye catching content. By gathering colours already associated with your business, such as the colours used on your logo and business cards, you can create a colour scheme and use it as a guide when designing posts-- (more specifically graphics). The same process can be applied for fonts! By gathering fonts already associated with your business and similar fonts that complement your original fonts. By making these simple arrangements you can create visual consistency, something that will be quite beneficial in the long run, as it will tie your feed together. When posting photos however, staying true to your colour schemes can be quite difficult. Trying to take photographs in which your brand colours are present is no easy task! Which is why a filter may be a good option for you. Photo editing apps such as "Snapseed" -- (Which can be downloaded free on both iOS and Android) offer a wide selection of pre-made filters/custom options that appear professional and will enhance your photos.

If you're going to use a filter, try to choose a more natural and less wonky one. A good rule of thumb is that you want to enhance the photo-- not distort it. By the consistent use of a specific filter overtime, you will begin to see your feed trying together and your posts complementing each other!

With all these simple yet beneficial arrangements in place, you now have a foundation for your brand on social media. How about you make it official, by adding your logo on the right hand corner of your posts? As simple as this sounds, it can be quite tricky if you don't have a reliable editing application!

Applications such as Canva, is a good editing tool that is very straight forward and simple to use. You can seamlessly upload your logo-- (and many other photographs and graphics saved to your computer) into Canva and brand all your content by placing your logo in the right hand corner of each of your posts! A simple yet effective way to brand your content and make it look more professional.

Social media is sometimes put on the back burner by business owners, which is a very unfortunate act, as social media is the way of the future, and great advertise and promote your business. Content creation is a very time consuming task, that takes a lot of meticulous planning, creativity, and dedication. But there are always other options, like Off The Lens. We specialize in content creation and can do all the rough work for you!