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Building Your Online Brand

Updated: May 14, 2019

Written By: Jill Schalk

Creating your online presence can seem a little daunting at times. There is so many different things to consider. What to post? Where to post it? How often to post? Who to interact with? But it can be relatively easy and pain free! By following these five easy guidelines, you can build your online brand efficiently and grow your brand through your online presence! Let's jump right in, shall we?

1) Be Consistent!

One of the most important things to consider when building your brand is having consistency. Not only do you need to have consistency with your posting schedule, but also in your topics. You're not doing yourself any favours by posting content about topics unrelated to your business. Sure you can post something to get the content up and stay within your posting schedule, but when you're posting to a business profile it's extremely important to keep your content targeted to the audience that follows your page, they're there for a reason.

A good rule of thumb we always discuss with our clients is the 60/40 rule. Sure we want to promote our products and services, but we also want to be relatable. Posting more personal content helps people to affix with your team or staff members when its something we can all relate to, rather than just blasting out advertisements regarding your product or service.

Another thing to consider is having consistency between different platforms and your website. Making sure all of your information on your accounts, as well as your website is all consistent and the same is something to keep in mind. If your hours say one thing on your website, but Google My Business says something else, people will get confused, and it out your reputability down.

2) You Don't have to be Everywhere

There was a time when Facebook was one of the only social media platforms around, and we used it to talk to Aunt Margaret and show her the pictures of the kids. But in the last ten years, we've been introduced to other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Snapchat.

But because there are all of these great platforms out there doesn't mean you need to be active on all of them! Some platforms are more business-friendly than others. Facebook, is a great platform that can be used for your business. Everyone is on Facebook now, so it's so easy to say "Hey check out our Facebook page" and that person can instantly be connected with your business online. Instagram is another great platform that recently is more targeted towards business owners. You can easily post pictures of your business workspace or office, members of your team, products, informational posts, the possibilities are endless!

Unfortunately, some platforms aren't fully developed for businesses, such as Pinterest. It's a great platform to use and has so many benefits, but it just isn't fully targeted at businesses quite yet.

So when you're deciding which platforms to be active on, ask yourself, is this platform reaching my demographic? Is this a popular platform that I will have good ROI on? Will it be an efficient platform for me to use?

3) Visual Branding is EVERYTHING!

When you're posting something to your desired platform, another thing to consider is your visual branding. If your Website follows a colour scheme and has a certain "look" to it, and your Facebook and Instagram page is completely off kilter, it causes for a disconnect for your audience! Keeping your visual branding consistent can be as easy as using the same filter when uploading pictures.

In addition, if you use any type of programming or software to generate graphics, keeping your colour palette consistent and using the same fonts for text on your graphics will help! After consistent exposure to graphics that you post, your followers will recognize your visual branding and know automatically that its a post from your page!

Kaitlin, from @kaitlinmeagan on Instagram, does an EXCELLENT job of visual branding. Kaitlin is a lifestyle influencer on Instagram, and as her feed demonstrates, she keeps her theme with simplistic images and the colour scheme sticks with warm nude shades.

4) Utilize Your Bio Options

People want to know who you are and what you do. Though your bio space is limited (on Instagram), you can still get the point across! Remember less is more, so keep it short and sweet.

Our bio keeps things simple but does its job. At a quick glance, you know that we do Digital Marketing and Social Media Management (SMM), Video Promotion, and Business Promotion. We also link right to our website so you can instantly have more information, and you know we operate out of Listowel Ontario! In five simple lines, you know what we do, where we are and have a direct connection to our website! It's that simple! Another important area to keep up to date is the "About" section of your Facebook page! This is the area that most people will go to first when they come across your page. This acts as your bio, so tell people who you are and what you do! And as always, keep the information consistent across all of your desired platforms!

5) Engagement

Engage, Engage, ENGAGE! Something as simple as replying to comments on your posts can increase your engagement. By responding to what people have to say, it makes you more relatable. It shows your audience that there is someone behind that screen, watching and answering.

In addition, posting content asking your followers questions, or to comment below giving their opinion increases the engagement. A simple post like a funny picture asking your followers to caption the picture, or starting a discussion about your audiences preference on a certain product or service is an easy way to generate some commenting, which will increase your engagement!

The other way your engagement will increase is having that topic consistency we talked about earlier! People will want to read, listen or watch to learn more about something that relates to your business rather than something completely unrelated!

All in all, I would say the most important things to consider are picking platforms that work for you, and being consistent with your postings on them. If you can follow these tips, you'll start to see your following grow. Remember, building your brand and gaining a following won't happen overnight. If you give it a try and find yourself having a hard time, or you're overwhelmed, feel free to send us an email and see the time we can save you!