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5 Quick Ways To Improve Your Social Media

Updated: May 14, 2019

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Here at Off The Lens Media, we have narrowed down the most important aspects of a successful social media campaign. This is done by using engaging relevant and consistent content, that will increase impact of your digital marketing campaign.

In today’s digital age it would be hard to find a business, no matter the size that isn’t on social media in one form or another. It’s essential in a world where everyone has all forms of social medias on their mobile devices and are never more than a chargers length away from making a post/tweet/comment etc.

Running a successful social media page that engages with your customers can be the difference between a business with a strong social media presence and merely a business that just has a bare bones social media page.

Compiled here are 6 quick tips to help bring your social media presence from a glorified “contact us” page to a thriving, engaging social media presence.

1. Use Relevant Pages

With a quick search you can find many other social media pages that in some way relate to your industry. Some of those said pages could have a great social media presence or be dwelling with a feed consisting of posts that span out to about once every other month. A good practice is to find pages that have audiences similar to yours and make comments on their posts by making thoughtful engaging comments. An example of this could be if you were running a sporting goods business so you sought after relevant pages and hashtags relating to your own, e.g. Bauer, SportsCentre, Toronto Maple Leafs etc. Chances are that your intended audience is looking into postings just like those mentioned above and by seeing comments that you make on pages that they’re interested in will expose you to the exact type of audience that you are trying to target.

2. Scheduling

Sure going by the seat of your pants and just posting whenever you come across content is one way to keep up with some posting but we’ve seen it happen and before you know it you’ve gone days, weeks and sometimes months without your audience hearing from you. Not a very effective way to maintain your social media presence. Instead sit down and make a physical schedule (whether it be a printed off calendar, or an online calendar) including all relevant dates that you can make a thoughtful post on.

We suggest starting your planning off by:

1. including any relevant days to your business e.g. anniversaries, at work employee events, events your business is attending, etc.

2. Add holidays and celebrated national days relevant to your business, e.g Thanksgiving, National Sports Day, etc.

3. With whatever day’s are left on the calendar be sure to use thoughtful filler posts with things happening within your business as well as external posts such as relevant articles, reposts etc.

3. Use An Automatic Planner

One great way to be sure you're staying on top of the aforementioned scheduling is to find an automatic posting application online. This will allow you to schedule multiple posts at a time and you can pre schedule as far ahead in advanced as you’d like. A good goal is to try to have at least 1-2 months worth of content posted in advanced for peace of mind. Posts that you schedule can be edited or taken down before it gets posted and dates can be changed incase some more relevant up to date content pops up unexpectedly. The planner we use is Hootsuite which is a fantastic online post scheduling program allowing us to pre schedule posts for our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

4. Consistency

Consistency is huge when it comes to maintaining and engaging your audience. The people following your page are interested and have invested into you as a brand and a great way to build trust is to consistently put out content for your followers. Generally you’re going to want to post at the very least every other day. This gives your followers something to look forward to and engage with on a constant basis. This ties in great to the last tip where getting an automatic planner (such as Hootsuite) can streamline your ability to have a consistent posting. Another area you’ll want to maintain consistency is in responding to your followers. Being a brand that is known to respond to comments and questions promptly is a crucial way to gain trust among your following. Be sure to have comment notifications on for your posts and always aim to give the most informative answers within an hour.

5. Be Human

Last but certainly not least you’re going to want to make it your main focus to come off as a brand that is genuine and not just a robot auto filling answers to FAQ’s. Make sure that within your postings you’re including real people that are part of your team to show people that yes, this company is a real, ran by a human business. Don’t be afraid to have fun and interact with your customers the same way you would interact with some of your closest friends. Even as much as a like on one of your follower’s comments and a simple “Thanks for the feedback!” Can go the extra mile to showing that you care for your followers and that you’re there to engage and entertain the following that you already have! In turn this will surely be noticed by people not following you and will greatly increase the chance of that "pass byer" hitting the follow button.

Are you ready to become more than just a glorified “contact us” page? You can start implementing these 5 strategies to your business’s social media pages today to increase engagement, followers and most importantly become a thriving, trustworthy social media presence.

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