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3 Rules For Social Media Content

By: Mikaela Gibson

We have a few key principles that we utilize when scheduling & posting our client’s content through social media.

Here at Off The Lens we are constantly asked about what services we provide our clients and how we do it. From Brayden's knowledge and past experience in the videography industry back in the “ Off The Lens Production '' days, he has collected a huge insight into the automotive, fitness, various trades and numerous other industries. Brayden learned valuable skills and knowledge on how to utilize the video and content he collects/creates to make engaging posts to increase and improve the social media presence of the businesses that he has worked with.

The biggest takeaway Brayden had was that his content in forms of pictures and video were top of the line but alot of businesses he made the content for didn't know what to do with the content or how to effectively utilize it. Doing video simply wasn’t gaining enough traction to build up a business’s social media page, especially with no consistent content to back the videos up, and keep the social media pages relevant.

After being told on numerous occasions that video alone was not enough to keep the websites and social media handles flowing, Brayden quickly looked for a solution to solve his client's problems. His solution? Social media content.

Over the years, OTLM has developed three principles that we all try to incorporate into our content, and today we will be sharing them with you!

Principle Number One: Entertain

Entertaining content is best suited for Instagram and can include posts or stories that are all either fun to look at or have an aspect of entertainment. Whether that be something funny that happened at the office, surveys or polls on your Instagram stories, etc.

Entertaining content isn’t necessarily ideal for shopping, but when accompanied by various links and promotion posts, this can definitely be possible. As long as you are sure to provide value to your clients through work-appropriate entertainment posts, this option is guaranteed to work like a charm and freshen things up, as a formal posts can be hard to gain traction to.

People go on Instagram to be entertained, so why not accommodate that need while gaining traction to your business!

Principle Number Two: Educate

Educating your social media followers about your products and services is a must!

Giving your clients insight as to what you do, and what you have to offer, is the modern-day equivalent to a business card. Always ensure your information online is easy to find and easy to read. Spreading your services and goods throughout your social media through content is a smart and effective way to keep your social media updated with consistent posting while subtly re informing your audience about what you have to offer and what you specialize in.

Principle Number Three: Impact

Impact is one of the strongest and most effective ways to grow a good reputation with not only your customers but your community as well. Quote posts or a motivational Monday perhaps can be one of the best ways to uplift your audience and inspire them to create a positive change in not only their own lives, but others lives as well. Promoting mental health, and producing content that flourishes with positive energy can be one of the most rewarding social media posts to post!

Showing your audience that raw positivity is always, and always will be a step in the right direction for any social media platform. You too are only human, and with all the lies and negative aspects of social media lingering about, saying something positive online needs to be done more often.

As great as these three principles are, always remember that rules are meant to be broken. Not every post needs to follow these guidelines, and it's always good to experiment with your social media platform and see what works for you!

Always remember to create, test and repeat when making social media content. Brainstorm all your ideas, look at other industries and get inspiration! The internet is a big place and ideas are everywhere.

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