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16 Post Ideas For Your Car Dealership

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

By:Mikaela Gibson

Social media is an essential this day in age for any business, including car dealerships! And, whether you own a car dealership, or work for one, making social media posts can pose as a difficult or daunting task! In today’s blog, we’re going to give you 16 ideas for your car dealerships social media page!

1. Staff Bios - Introduce your team with engaging content that adds personality and trust.

2. New Vehicles - Show off new arrivals with features, exterior or interior shots

3. Create a poll - create mass engagement with questions like “White or Red truck?”

Industry News - Educate fans on what’s new and upcoming to gauge interest and gain leads

4.Event’s within the community/Community appreciation posts

5. Make hashtags that relate to the industry, these tags can be used to create ‘filler’ post’s and can be done as consistently or consistently as you would like (ie. #TruckTuesday #MotorMonday)

6. Facts - Provide interesting facts about the brand you sell for. This could be units sold, safety awards, etc.

7. Awards/Nominations your business has received

8. Staff Birthdays and appreciation posts

9. Anniversaries and special occasions within your business or the automotive Industry

10. Blogs - Create your own blog to build your brand. If they didn’t work, we wouldn't be writing them and you would be reading them!

11. Videos - Create your own video content to drastically improve your following and build revenue. (Factual, educational, brand building, tours, drive alongs, etc)

12. “How To” information - Build trust and dedicated followers

13. Show off in-season vehicles (convertibles for summer etc)

14. Tires, and other groovy car parts that may be in your dealership

15. Deals, events, and other offers your audience is not going to want to miss out on

16. Rare or uncommon cars presently in your dealership

When creating posts, try not to stress! Brainstorming ideas with your team and laying out a schedule as to when to post certain posts during the week is a great way to keep yourself and your team motivated, organized, and on track to post! The ideas above are just ideas and picking and choosing the ones that will work for your dealership is ok and encouraged if you’re struggling! The posts you create aren’t limited to just the ones listed, and you can always feel free to create and brainstorm new ideas!